How to Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain?

Curtains give an atheistic look to your home. To enhance the look of your home interior, you buy expensive curtains but maintaining them is a difficult task. Dirt and stains present on the curtains not only damage the fabric but are also responsible for spreading many allergens to you and your family. When it comes to fabric curtain, many homeowners use the wrong method to clean them which gives an ineffective result so it is essential to follow the right technique. Moreover, many times the curtain also gets shrunk and the colour also fades with the wrong solution. 

Properly cleaning the curtain helps you in increasing the life of it and removing all the dirt particles and other tough stains residing on it. Your curtain will start shining and even leave a good impression on the guests who arrive at your place. To know the best method and an excellent way to clean the fabric curtain follow the below-given steps.

Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain

Steps to Clean A Fabric Curtain

  • Step 1: In the first step, remove the nooks and the weight of the curtain cleaning in Brisbane. Ensure to measure the curtain before washing it so that you can stretch back to get it in a normal and the original shape.
  • Step 2: After removing the curtain, you need to take it out of your home and shake it gently so that all the loose particles and extra dirt get off from the curtain. The other method to remove the loose particles is laying it on the bed and using the vacuum brush attachment to dust off. Make sure you are following the procedure only if it is suitable and the label attached with a curtain suggests it.
  • Step 3: Now put the curtain in the washing machine and see to it that you are setting the machine according to the type of fabric. Use the best detergent and add the quantity according to the amount of dirt and stains present on the curtain so that they are thoroughly washed off.
  • Step 4: If at all the curtain is supposed to be washed by hands then gently shake and clean. Ensure that you are not rubbing the curtain using the wrong method or harshly. You can dip the fabric in the solution properly and rub it softly.
  • Step 5: After washing the curtain, dry it in parallel lines. It is important to check that the curtain is not touching or resting on the wood as sometimes it gets stained.
  • Step 6: When the curtain is slightly wet, iron it slowly. Iron on the side which is not displayed. To remove the watermarks, damp the entire curtain thoroughly.
  • Step 7: While you iron, stretch the curtain little to remove the wrinkles. After it is completely dried, lay the curtain on the bed again and this time slowly stretch it carefully so that it gets back its original look.
  • Step 8: In the end, set back the nooks and weight of the curtain and hang it using the right method so that it looks properly arranged and fresh.

Hire Professional Curtain Cleaning Service

If you didn’t receive the best result after cleaning the curtain at home then you can consider hiring the professional curtain cleaning service offered by Ses Curtain Cleaning. We provide onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services and are well known for delivering a timely and satisfactory result. Our team of experts uses the most advanced machines and safe solution to clean the curtain giving it a gleaming and refreshing look. We also sanitize the curtain after cleaning it. Call us to know more about our curtain cleaning service.

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