How Regular Dusting is Necessary For Your Curtains?

A clean home enacts as a safeguard and makes it a comfortable home. But having a clean home does not imply cleaning it once in a blue moon. It is required to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your home by cleaning. Curtains always tend to attract dust from the outside and absorb odours around it. It is recommended to wash and keep your curtains clean almost every 3 to 6 month. Keeping your curtains cleaned is a key to keep your residence fresh and clean.

It is even recommendable for cleaning and washing your curtains regularly, at the beginning of each season. Therefore, by Washing them almost four times a year, you won’t have to exert much effort the next time you clean them. 

Regular Dusting is Necessary For Your Curtains

How to treat stubborn stains on curtains?

Sometimes your curtains are attacked by nasty stains that may spoil your home décor. These ugly stains can even affect the fabric’s condition and its quality, and also could promote germ formation. Any colour on the curtain should be treated immediately for preventing the permanent damage and even decolourization. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of them, so there is a solution for preventing the tough stain:

  • Detergent and Water mixture – Using detergent and water is a common way for an easy and straightforward way to treat stains on any curtain. You need to mix a part of detergent with water and dip the curtain for a few hours.
  • Baking Soda as a Paste – Baking soda is a common substance that is used for removal of tough stains on the curtain. Therefore, Baking soda even removes terrible odour from the curtain and makes them fresh. Just take a part of baking soda, spread it over the stain and leave it for few hours and then regular wash is enough for the stain-free curtain. 
  • Using White Vinegar – White vinegar is a little acidic component used for the curtain stain removal process. You can take a part of vinegar and an equal amount of water. And then applying that to the stain will naturally remove the stain over the curtain without any disturbance to the fabric.

Here is why to save your curtain, you need professional service?

Professional curtain cleaning includes qualified technicians who are aware of the delicacy of your fabric. Customers can choose according to the range for cleaning like dry cleaning or hand cleaning. The detergents or any other chemicals used in the cleaning process selected for the protection of the fabric and removal of odour and stains along with the germs on them. They are certified for their chosen products that are gentle on fabric. 

This is the reason why people prefer service from professionals for dry cleaning and steaming as to reduce cloth shrinkage, color fading or protect the texture of the cloth if compared to washing at home. Things to adopt while cleaning to avoid the damage in the curtains Washing and cleaning curtains aren’t easy. Sometimes you can face issues related to damage to your curtain. Whether it would fade or harm the fabric in many ways. It could be the fault for your detergent or the form of washing.

You must need to consider a mild detergent and hand washing for the curtains. Therefore, To prevent discoloration of the fabric, it is required to wash your curtains gently. Also whenever it comes to drying do not stick them in the dryer rather just hang them.

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